Meant To Be

I feel her inside,

The woman that’s meant to be.

Her heartbeat is fierce

Keeping pace with my own.

The concrete in which

She’s been encased

Has cracked

And shudders

As her breath exhales

Like Spring’s first blush.

Ripe with promise

And growth and life.

I feel her flex.

Like the caterpillar flexes

Upon first exiting the cocoon.

The flex when it feels

its wings for the first time

And realizes what it has become.

No, not become.

What it had always been.


The caterpillar does not BECOME

The butterfly.

The butterfly was inside the caterpillar

All along.

And so it is with her.

She has been here all along.

Shut down, walled off.

Waiting for the moment

The chrysalis cracks.

That moment has come.

The woman that’s meant to be,

Her time is come.

She has begun to unfurl.

Her beauty and power

Are terrible

And glorious.

She is I

And I am she

And when the woman that’s meant to be

Becomes the woman that is me

And she begins to speak

The world will tremble

In the face of her fire

And she will be amazing to behold.


-Amanda Taylor 



Friday Favorites

It’s Friday again, which means it’s time for another installment of ‘Friday Favorites’.  I’ve had a very busy week away from the computer, so my apologies for not posting anything of my own, but I hope you enjoy these great posts I’ve run across this week…

Hope you enjoyed reading!  As for those whose posts I shared… thank you for writing such great posts!

Friday Favorites

Welcome to my new series, Friday Favorites.  (Most) Every Friday, I will post a list of my favorite writing-related posts from the previous week.  It will include a link to the post and the blog it is on.  These posts may be about anything writing-related, from fiction to non-fiction, poetry, posts about the act of writing or improving one’s writing… basically if it’s about writing in any way, it has the potential to end up in the series.

I also will be posting a Friday Favorites list for all non-writing favorites on my other blog, so feel free to hop on over there for even more great posts.  If you would like to recommend a blog for the Friday Favorites series, please send an email to KraftedKhaos at with ‘Friday Favorites Recommendation’ in the subject line.

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I hope you enjoyed the first writing-themed installment of Friday Favorites, and exploring the work and blogs of other writers!  Have a great day!

Ask Charlie

After all these years, he finally understood how a groundhog could have such powerful, long-range weather forecasting skills.  Millions of dollars worth of research into the brain of the groundhog and its relation to solar system properties had uncovered some startling results.

On February 2nd each year, specific (and previously thought to be unrelated) solar events and planetary alignments seemed to have an effect of the neurological systems of groundhogs, igniting an ancient instinct that alerts them to upcoming weather systems.

What he still couldn’t figure out, though, was how man had been relying on the groundhog for many years to forecast the weather, yet it had pushed even the most modern of his equipment to the limits to discover this amazing property in the humble animal.

He bent over the nearest cage, staring in at his favorite groundhog, Charlie, and wondered aloud, “How did they know what you could do, huh fella?”

“We told them, of course,” said Charlie.

As the scientist fell to the floor in a dead faint, Charlie continued, “And that’s why we’ve kept our mouths shut ever since!”


Hope you enjoyed this little ‘Groundhog Day’ themed post, inspired by this prompt over at Today’s Author!

As always, comments and critique welcome!



The Person Behind the Parent

It’s so strange to grow up.  To look at your parents and see more than just ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’.  To see people.  People with fears, hopes, broken dreams.  People who look at themselves in the mirror and wonder where their life went.  People who despise their jobs, but go to work every day because they had a family that depended on them.  People who gave up their youth, their best years, to nurture (often) ungrateful children safely into adulthood. Continue reading

Sydney’s Ghost

Sydney stomped her feet and blew fiercely on her gloveless hands before shoving them deeply into her coat pockets.  Of all the days to lose her mittens, it had to be the same day she’d lost her keys.  Trying to squeeze her slight frame into even the smallest space remaining beneath the protection of the bus stop shelter was proving impossible, and no one seemed inclined to give up their own spot for her sake.  Figured.  It really sucked sometimes, being the smallest person in every crowd. Continue reading